Your Van Nuys Electrician

A Van Nuys electrician that works for us here at Express Electrical Service has the experience and knowledge to easily tackle many common electrical projects. These projects include things such as flickering lights, electrical inspections and electrical wiring repair tasks. If you need a 24 hour electrician or dependable emergency service, our company can help with that as well. So the next time that you are experiencing any kind of electrical problem, day or night, give us a call. We’re your go-to Van Nuys electrical contractors.

Let Our Experienced Electricians Handle Your Flickering Lights And More

Many locals in Van Nuys and Beverly Hills request a Van Nuys electrician when their lights flicker. When one light flickers, this usually means that the bulb must be replaced. However, when more than one bulb flickers, there may be a wiring problem. Simultaneous flickering is dangerous since it causes power arching. An electrician in Van Nuys must stop the arching immediately because it produces a lot of heat, which can start a fire.

Reliable Electrical Wiring Repair

Our Los Angeles and Van Nuys electrical contractors keep families safe when they report wiring problems in their homes. We always educate our clients about common warning signs. If homeowners spot the signs early, they should contact us before major damage occurs. Things such as a frequently tripping circuit breaker, buzzing from an outlet, heat where there should be no heat and more. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, then please contact an electrician near Van Nuys. A Van Nuys electrician that works for our company can help you get your faulty wiring back under control.

Skilled Electrical Troubleshooting

Our West Hollywood and Van Nuys electrical contractors also help homeowners troubleshoot their electrical devices. Electrical troubleshooting is not too difficult when you have the training and experience that our electricians have. Most electrical devices emit a harsh smell after they have overhead. Whenever there is a burning scent near an appliance, the wiring or outlet near that device is probably faulty.

Our Emergency Service

When minor or major electrical problems occur in the middle of the night, locals contact us and request a 24 hour electrician. They never tackle the electrical problems alone because electrical installation, maintenance, and repair tasks are dangerous. If you need an electrician in Van Nuys during the day or a 24 hour electrician at night, then contact our customer service department. We offer our electrical wiring repair service at a reasonable price. If you need an electrician near Van Nuys, you need to give us a call straight away.
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